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How We Deliver Quality Sleep Medicine Care

Our "Gold Standard" of Sleep Medicine Care: Rigorous, Accurate and Comprehensive.

  • Rigorous training: In addition to being board certified by the American Board of Sleep Medicine, our physicians have undergone extensive training dedicated to sleep medicine. As such, patients receive comprehensive care from knowledgeable and experienced sleep medicine physicians.
  • Rigorous evaluation: We believe a thorough in-depth initial consultation of our patients brings valuable information that should encompass all aspects of a patient’s health. Obtaining a complete history and physical examination as part of the evaluation ultimately leads to a better treatment outcome and patient satisfaction.
  • Accurate interpretation of overnight sleep studies (polysomnograms): Before a firm diagnosis can be made in many circumstances, an overnight sleep study, or polysmnogram, may be needed. However, the value of this overnight study is only as good as the technicians conducting the evaluation and the physicians interpreting the results. Our highly trained technicians follow a thorough set of criteria to accurately score the polysomnograms. Most importantly, our physicians read every single page of every polysomnogram (approximately 1,000 pages per study) without simply compressing the information and relying only on computer software or a technician’s scoring. This "over-reading" by the physician ensures accuracy of the obtained information and the resulting diagnosis.
  • Comprehensive diagnosis: Many sleep clinics tend to overly focus on one sleep disorder, namely obstructive sleep apnea, with little interest in other sleep disorders. At the Ohio Sleep Medicine Institute, we not only treat sleep disordered breathing, but we also treat all internationally recognized sleep disorders. Through a thorough assessment of all underlying conditions potentially exacerbating a patient’s symptoms, we are most likely to succeed in obtaining the best outcomes for our patients.
  • Comprehensive care: Our physicians meet with each patient during the follow-up and continuity of care office visits. We review all diagnostic study results directly with our patients and educate them regarding the diagnosis and management plan. We believe that educating our patients empowers them in their treatment and maximizes compliance or adherence to therapy. For example, our patients demonstrate a high treatment compliance rate with nasal CPAP therapy because of this attention to comprehensive care. In addition to education, we take the time to identify the most appropriate and best fitting mask, the ideal CPAP pressure and equipment to maximize comfort and the patient’s desire to continue with therapy.

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