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What You Should Expect From a Quality Sleep Medicine Program

We believe that a Quality Sleep Medicine Program should meet the highest of expectations from patients, physicians or employers who all may have a potential stake in the outcome of patient care. Many sleep labs today in Central Ohio are "high volume" labs that have an emphasis on running as many overnight sleep studies as possible, but then spend disproportionately less time or energy on direct, face-to-face, patient care or management. If you are not seeing your sleep medicine physician during each office visit or you are asked to return every year for an overnight sleep study, then you should be concerned that your sleep physician or clinic may be more interested in getting a sleep study than spending the extra time to manage your care. Unfortunately, many sleep labs repeat the sleep study every year almost systematically for their patients, leading to "over-utilization" of health care resources and unnecessary testing. At the Ohio Sleep Medicine Institute, it is unusual for our patients to repeat an overnight polysomnogram after the initial evaluation more than once every 5-7 years. Whether you are a patient, physician or an employer, we believe that you should have the following basic expectations from a Quality Sleep Medicine Program:

For patients:

  • Receive sleep medicine care by experienced, knowledgeable, and compassionate sleep medicine physicians who are nationally and internationally recognized.
  • Trust your sleep physician to address your sleep problems in the most thorough manner.
  • Expect to meet with your physician during each office visit.
  • Develop a collaborative relationship with your sleep physician, whether for a first-time evaluation or for second opinion for patients who have been unhappy with a prior work-up from a previous sleep lab.
  • Get empowered in your treatment with extensive education, follow-up care and on-going support.
  • Finally, get the good, quality sleep you need!

For physicians and health care professionals:

  • Refer your patients to board certified sleep medicine physicians known for their expertise at the local and national levels and dedication to comprehensive patient care.
  • Consult our physicians who have been recognized as the Best Sleep Medicine Physicians in Central Ohio by peer reviewed polls.
  • Establish a close relationship with our physicians to maximize your patients’ treatment plan and overall health.
  • Receive sleep evaluations in a timely manner.
  • Further your knowledge of sleep medicine by participating in our continuing medical education (CME) events and receive CME credits.

For employers:

  • Receive the best sleep medicine care for your employees from sleep medicine physicians who not only specialize in comprehensive care, but also understand your needs and can provide you with the best solutions.
  • Turn lack of productivity due to sleepiness into a profitable and dynamic outcome among your workforce.
  • Reduce health care costs due to sleep related illnesses.
  • Avoid potential work hazards and lawsuits due to sleepiness.
  • Encourage employees to seek a sleep evaluation in a cost-effective and thorough manner, such as through our "Gold Standard" of Sleep Medicine Care program. Our Sleep Medicine program is rigorous, accurate and comprehensive and thus maximizes patient care and adherence to therapy, as well as preventing unnecessary testing and lack of treatment compliance.
  • Establish a successful education program for your employees through reputable and trusted medical professionals.
  • For more information, click here.

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